Quotes to Get You Writing

We have lives outside of our laptop or pen and paper. It’s understandable. Jobs, school, friends, family. Writing isn’t necessarily the center of our lives.

But  I’ve noticed that my writing has been dwindling until recently – that’s only because I’m on break. It seems that school eats away at me and I have no time to write at all.

Writing is important. It’s used everywhere, in school, out of school. But it’s especially important for aspiring writers, who love to write and really want to do it for a living.

One of the biggest things writers can do for themselves to improve their writing is practicing. Whether it be with writing a story, or just scribbling down random notes, practicing writing will ultimately make you a better writer.

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It’s been a reallyyyyyyy long time. The blog hasn’t been getting much activity for a while.

So I wanted to motivate people when writing, no matter if it’s a blog or just writing.

I, and many other Storybird users have had a long battle with writer’s block. I get an amazing general idea, but when I try to put it down, it doesn’t write. It doesn’t work. I don’t know why we can’t think of things to write, and I don’t know how to cure it. So my form of inspiration is a challenge for all readers and Storybird members out there.

I’ll give you the One Sentence To Spark You. And you guys can use it, and write down one paragraph, no matter how good or simple it is. It may give you an idea! Good luck battling writer’s block, every one. I know it can be hard, but if we all give each other ideas, we can all fight it together,

Today’s OSTSY is:

Imagine if Storybird didn’t exist.

-Pandora ❤

Fall Break, Writing, And Vanilla Bean Frappuccinos

As I am typing this, I am in a hotel in Washington DC. After a day of waking up at three to catch a plane, and sightseeing, I just wanna relax!

But keep your mind working so you retain everything you need for school. Write!

Writing isn’t only for when you are at home, you can go on vacations and come up with awesome stuff.

So sip a Vanilla Bean Frappe at Starbucks (ahh, those are bæ) and writing and publish on SB whenever you have time!

One Sentence To Spark You #4?

I think this is the fourth one. I think. But let’s get to it!!


Start your story with, “What’s the matter kid? Scared?” The bully sneered, shoving his hand around me, his hand slamming the lockers.


I’ll give you an excerpt of my story from the sentence. 

“What’s the matter kid? Scared?” The bully sneered, shoving his hand around me, his hand slamming the lockers.

“No. But you aren’t taking my lunch money,” I stammered, my fists clenching the five dollars. His friends grinned.

“Whaddya mean? You know you’re going to Swirlietown if you don’t COUGH IT UP.” The bully said. I had handed over the money five times before, but I was determined not to ‘cough it up.’

“I need to eat.”

“So do I, punk.” The big guy’s nostrils flared.

I handed him the bill and he let me run off into the bathroom, my face red. I couldn’t believe I had let him take over my life again.

One Sentence To Spark You #3

This is the third sentence for you! It’ll be very easy to create a story if you play volleyball, which I do. But if you don’t, it’s okay. You can totally write a story with no experience too.


okay, ready?


“The score is 10-7!” The ref called out, causing my hands to sweat, knowing I was 1 point from losing the most important volleyball game of the season.

One Sentence To Spark You #2

Sorry for not being active, the first week of middle school is pretty stressful. In fact, I’m only able to post this one because it’s Friday. TGIF!!!


Okay, anyway, this next sentence should spark a new story in you. Just let the world spill, okay?? It doesn’t matter if it’s not quite exactly what you want.


“I rubbed my sweaty palms on my pant leg. I was next in the competition, and my heart was beating so quickly I could swear everyone heard it.”


Ready… Set… WRITE!!!


Woah. New logo!!!


Sky was talking bout it, and I was so excited!! King SB is gonna rule the world!! 

We now don’t have a logo that looks like Twitter. I thought it was fabulous, but now it’s even cuter!! Squee!!


Have fun with King Storybird, guys! He’s so adorable.

Happily Ever After?!

Let’s do an activity!

Don’t you love those Disney princess movies? They’re so cute and it proves that girls who struggle can make it in the world.

Except… It’s not the real world. Doesn’t it all just seem a little unrealistic?

That’s where you come in. Write paragraph or so about what happened after the Disney movies like Cinderella and Beauty And The Beast.

An example:


Unfortunately, after Cinderella married the charming prince in her beautiful glass slippers once more, her heels shattered and she cut her dainty foot on the glass.

“Oh no! My beautiful shoes!” Cinderella exclaimed. “Ouch, my foot hurts!”

The prince, sitting next to her in the carriage, tried to move the glass out of the way and examine her foot, but his hand was cut also. Ouch! It was a terrible mess, and on their wedding day!

Get the idea? 😛

Have fun, guys! ❤