Books, Books, and More Books #1!

Thanksgiving Break is a great time to read! I have compiled a list of books that are pretty awesome, and some are sort of mainstream but are still really good, and mostly have more books in the series. Stuff yourself full of turkey, sit down near the fire, and open that book up!

The Maze Runner by James Dashner- Man, this is really good. I haven’t seen the movie… Someone watch it and tell me if it’s any good?

Paper Towns by John Green- I know John Green is hot right now, and some people don’t like mainstream books, but this one is funny and really adorable. It’s sort of a mystery, too-you’d never see this one coming after reading TFIOS! I also heard there’s a movie coming out at some point…

Copper Sun by Sharon Draper- This one is an incredibly moving book about slavery. This book, I would rate about 12+. But if you want to read the inspiring story about Amari, give it a read. It’s so powerful, that I cried.

Matched  by Allie Condie- Another dystopian, I know, but this one’s pretty awesome. It isn’t mainstream as much as the others, and it’s pretty cool to see this masked government play out, choosing who to marry, when to die, what to do. It’s a pretty awesome book, and it’s a series!

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak- I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it: my all time favorite book. This is a wonderful story about Nazi Germany- it’s not one of those dime a dozen books about a concentration camp girl: it’s about a poor Nazi girl whose world crashes and flips when she hides a Jew, makes friends with him, and steals books because of her hunger to read. This book, narrated by Death, is just amazingly well written.

Someone Named Eva by Joan M. Wolf- this one, just like the one above, is different. It’s about a girl from Czechoslovakia, who is considered a perfect Aryan ideal, is trained to become a Nazi, a German citizen, and then lives with a Nazi family. She struggles to remember her home country, and it’s a short but sweet thriller. You have to read it, it’s just beautifully tragic and hopeful.

That’s all for this book list, but sometime around Winter Break there’ll be another list for you to read off of. Have a Happy Thanksgiving! ❤


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