“The Elements of Freedom” – A Storybird Review

The Elements of Freedom by mojoco11 - Chapter 1 - Storybird 2014-12-17 18-18-00Hi wonderful readers. Before we move on to a Storybird book review,  I would like to apologise for being so inactive and also for not being able to post all the review requests you guys sent us. You’ll see them soon. Enjoy this one, and tell us what you thought of the book!

The Elements of Freedom
by mojoco11
Format: Longform Book
Age range: Teen (13-19)
Artist: Alina Chau

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Pre-PiBo Day 5: Molly O’Neill Looks at the World with New Eyes

Molly (@molly) did a guest post!

Writing for Kids (While Raising Them)

mollyby Molly O’Neill

It’s day [whatever] of PiBoIdMo when it finally happens . . . you run out of ideas.

The blank page. It mocks you. And you’re panicked, because you’ve already plundered every cute/amusing thing your kids/pets have ever done, looking for inspiration. You’ve already turned your own experiences into rollicking, rhythmic (but never rhyming!) texts. You’ve perhaps even transformed Buzzfeed videos about unexpected animal friendships into whimsical odes to human emotions.

what nowSo now what? Well, now comes inspiration in the form of one of my favorite quotations:

 The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.                                                                                                                                                     Marcel Proust

Even though this quote is nearly 100 years old, it’s meaningful, especially for a writer. In fact, Proust probably made this observation because as an author himself, he knew well that reaching past one’s initial, obvious, or cliched…

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The Official Storybird Day – Coming Soon

Guess what? We’re probably having a Storybird Day soon! 😀 *So exciting!*

Guinevere (@guinevere) was asked if this could be a thing, and you’ll never guess what she replied (or maybe you can):

This is such a fabulous idea! We definitely want to make it an Official Thing. With the holidays right around the corner, I would propose that we wait until January. That also gives us some time to work on the worldwide details. @SkyBluePurple is right… I loovvvveeee party planning!

Does anyone have any ideas on what we can do as normal community members?

Maybe we can pin the SB logo (or draw it on a piece of paper) onto our shirts. That’s all I’ve got. Share your ideas in the comments. You never know, they might become a Thing. x)