Picture Writing Prompts #12

“I looked at the wooden figure. He was so easy to manipulateand he would let you to anything to him. If only tht were true in the real world.”


7 Sentence Story

Write a seven sentence short story about the hardship of war. There doesn’t have to be a storyline or a main character. Just write what you feel like. You can post your story in the comments. (Nothing too graphic)

As an example:

Smoke billowed in the air, covering all of the destruction. No one felt any pride knowing they were doing the noble thing. Voices yelled and howled, some in pain, but others of determination. The red coats of the enemy flashed through the haze in the ascending sun. They remembered longingly of their families at home, giving them fuel to continue fighting with vigor. Little did they know that their loyalty and determination was worth it, giving millions of people freedom. Their courage led to the birth of the United States of America.

Not the best writing, but it’s an example to get an idea of what you want to do. Remember, it can only be seven sentences.