Happily Ever After?!

Let’s do an activity!

Don’t you love those Disney princess movies? They’re so cute and it proves that girls who struggle can make it in the world.

Except… It’s not the real world. Doesn’t it all just seem a little unrealistic?

That’s where you come in. Write paragraph or so about what happened after the Disney movies like Cinderella and Beauty And The Beast.

An example:


Unfortunately, after Cinderella married the charming prince in her beautiful glass slippers once more, her heels shattered and she cut her dainty foot on the glass.

“Oh no! My beautiful shoes!” Cinderella exclaimed. “Ouch, my foot hurts!”

The prince, sitting next to her in the carriage, tried to move the glass out of the way and examine her foot, but his hand was cut also. Ouch! It was a terrible mess, and on their wedding day!

Get the idea? 😛

Have fun, guys! ❤


I'd love your thoughts!

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