What Does Storybird Mean to You? -#3

Here are this week’s absolutely awesome “What Storybird Means to Me”s! Thanks to everyone who submitted their thoughts. Seven quotes per post, from now on. Stay tuned for more next Monday!


leahatlc: Storybird is opportunities and it is creativity. Storybird is chances to improve and to socialize. It is a chance to be encouraged. No one is mean to you and there is a lot of artwork to use. There are a lot of good writers on Storybird. Storybird is cool and awesome!

figment68: Storybird is a safe, kind, unique, family friendly place to share our stories and poems using art from very talented artists. A place where people of all ages from all around the world can read, write, chat and become part of a large virtual family that never discriminates. Storybird has become my second home. I have come to know and care about so many people that I may never meet in person. Storybird means the world to me.

TheConfidentBallerina: Storybird is my life.

I used to be a close-minded writer, only writing one kind of way. Then, I discovered there is so much out there! I started writing poetry on SB, and I fell in love with the way I could put all my feelings into it.

Besides writing, I have gotten so much support here from my friends.

That’s right, FRIENDS! It may seem weird, but I’ve gotten to know many lovely people, and I know they’ll help me if I need it.

Storybird has taught me so much, I just can’t fit into words good enough.

WriteOn03: Storybird is a place where nobody judges me. Storybird means so much to me, in fact, I hope I never leave it. Yeah, other websites are fun, but later they backfire on me. Storybird has never done that, it also lets me do the thing I love. I love how it is so safe, how there are many amazing artists, and people of all ages, all wonderful! Good luck with your blog!

56heptathlon22: To me storybird is addictive, I go on every afternoon after school and hope to keep it that way for as long as I can. I’ve only been on for a few months(except for like, two or three years ago) but already on my student account(this one) I’ve done 47! On @Ludo_McBaggins I’ve done 13(only three passed moderation so far) + five poems(the maximum). To me, storybird IS potatoes.

doodlebugatlc: I love Story Bird,because it is a website where you can express your feelings by writing books. You can read other books to see what is in the inside of that person who wrote it because they express their feelings. But the most thing I love about Story Bird is that when you publish a book it’s like you are a famous author!


What does Storybird Mean to You? -#2

Here’s this week’s dose of “What Storybird Means to Me”! Thank you everyone for your contributions! Keep a lookout for this post every Monday! 🙂

No more than 7 quotes per week, so if it doesn’t make it to the blog this week, it WILL make it in the upcoming weeks. I have made a book specially for all your quotes to be posted under: click here to read the Storybird. Have a look at this week’s:

primadonna_girl: I feel as if Storybird is a special and unique way to not just write stories, but to make friends that will last forever.

cookie54lover: Storybird is my life. Storybird’s there for me when I need to get feelings out; whether they be anxiety or ecstasy. I can write freely, I can write without having a purpose; I can write because I want to write, I can write because I can, I can write because I enjoy to write. The community is awesome sauce. Everyone is so supportive and caring. I can immediately go to Storybird if I have any problems I want to talk about and a large group of people will turn up supporting me without judgement. And members are always remembered and always missed when they depart.

There are so many different ways to frame your creativity. It can even be an inspirational comment. Or it could be a picture book that makes it’s way to Featured.

To me, Storybird is a gift.

mbjett: To me, Storybird is a place to share my creativity with others who also have a wild imagination. There is awesome artwork on Storybird, and they help me get inspiration. Storybird is an amazing website, and I’m glad that I found it! People of all ages can enjoy this site, and I can’t find one reason for people to dislike it! It’s too good to be true!

Love_Peace_Hope: Storybird is the best gift possible that the creators created. I joined storybird the day after my 17th birthday, and I already fell in love with it 5 minutes after. Storybird is an amazing place, and everyone needs to be here. Storybird is the BEST, PLACE, EVER.

FromDust: Storybird means so much to me. It’s an escape, a place to connect with other writers, grab inspiration, get rid of writer’s block. Somehow writing on Storybird is so much easier for me than everywhere else. I feel more free. It’s definitely one of my favourite stops on the Internet, because I fit in and I can be who I am. Storybird, for me, is a place where I can unwind, and a place where I can really be me.

firstredhead12: To me, Storybird is a place where I can let my creative spirit frolic wherever it so desires. A place where writers from all over the world can connect. A place where friendships are made. A place where I can just be…me. Storybird is a part of my life that I will never, ever forget. No matter how far I go or even where on the path of life- my Storybird family will always be close to my heart.

Forever and always. ❤

Sweet_Pea: Storybird is my rainbow amidst the storm that we call life. In my deepest sorrows, I can turn to Storybird for a guaranteed smile. It’s a place so perfect that it seems to be a fantasy. All in one place I can finally release my imaginations so they mold into stories, read endless books by people like me, and meet some of my best friends. Storybird is definitely the best thing that has ever happened to me.


~cherry_blossom (Hey, I deserve a link to my profile too! xD)