We Storybirders are so cool; we’re fighting the Potato Apocalypse!

I just reread @firstredhead’s Fighting the Potato Apocalype, and I HAD to write a blog post on YSBU after my line in Chapter 4:

Cherry’s mouth gaped open in awe as she viewed the approaching army dig and push beneath the earth.
“I know this is a really bad time,” she said, not removing her gaze. “But this is so going on the blog.”

In case you didn’t know, APTers (a term we use for members of A Pointless Task) are obsessed with potatoes, for some reason. FtPA is this super-potatorific longform book which has a star-studded cast of characters which consists of various Storybirders (not all could be mentioned in this blog post, unfortunately). The plot is face-paced, intriguing and just – amazing. Even if you don’t know those Storybirders, it’s a great read. Now, onto the post:

Click the above image to start reading FtPA by firstredhead on Storybird

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Current Admins (as of July 23, 2014)

Hello guys!

We’ve got a lot of admins now, and I’m really very excited. 🙂 Here’s a complete list. We may be getting two-three more soon, but these are the current ones:

  1. cherry_blossom
  2. SkyBluePurple
  3. deepfried_freak
  4. Sweet_Pea
  5. hostine

=D I have a feeling Amazowriter and secondredhead may join, but these are all for now. 🙂 Welcome, all the new admins!