Turkey Day: Write Away!

Hey guys!

Thanksgiving is coming up, and that means Thanksgiving break, and THAT means more time to write!!

Here are some fun prompts to help you get into the spirit of the turkey:

  • Dana took a deep breath and shut her eyes tight. She knew it was only a matter of time before the turkey would come to life.
  • She looked around, taking in the scene. The whole family was around the table, smiling, laughing, joking around. This was what Thanksgiving was really about. The only thing that could make this Thanksgiving better was walking up the front walk, about to ring the doorbell…
  • The turkey laugh manically, stuffing Francine’s face with mashed potatoes. “Thanksgiving, huh?” it growled, walking around the table on its stub turkey legs. “Well, let’s see how you like it!”
  • Zachariah always hated this time of year. This wasn’t how Thanksgiving was supposed to be. All about the feast, the shopping, the deals… No. There was more to this holiday, and he was going to show them. He was going to show them all.
  • Another Thanksgiving come, another Thanksgiving passed. Every year it was the same. No one to celebrate with, no family to be thankful for, and Jack like it like that. No one could hurt him that way. He liked being alone, and nothing could change his mind. Not even her.

Enjoy your holiday, guys, and for those who don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, have a radical time doing whatever you choose to do. Stay safe!


Much love,


It’s been a reallyyyyyyy long time. The blog hasn’t been getting much activity for a while.

So I wanted to motivate people when writing, no matter if it’s a blog or just writing.

I, and many other Storybird users have had a long battle with writer’s block. I get an amazing general idea, but when I try to put it down, it doesn’t write. It doesn’t work. I don’t know why we can’t think of things to write, and I don’t know how to cure it. So my form of inspiration is a challenge for all readers and Storybird members out there.

I’ll give you the One Sentence To Spark You. And you guys can use it, and write down one paragraph, no matter how good or simple it is. It may give you an idea! Good luck battling writer’s block, every one. I know it can be hard, but if we all give each other ideas, we can all fight it together,

Today’s OSTSY is:

Imagine if Storybird didn’t exist.

-Pandora ❤

Quickwrite Ideas

Hi guys! Long time no see.

I know most of us are stuck in the middle of the school year, and believe me, I know how much that can stink. And I understand that you get busy. You want to write, but you just don’t have time.

Well, here are some quick writing exercises that will help you get your writing fill, but won’t take up too much time.

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Up for the Challenge?

GaladrielSkywalker (aka Galadie/Gala) suggested this uber-cool writing challenge on APT today:

It would be very interesting to write from the point of view of a blind person.

Really hard, but interesting. You couldn’t really describe anything. You would have to rely on tasting, touching, smelling, etc.

It would be an excellent writing challenge.


Sounds fun, no? Anyone here up for the challenge? =D


15 Writing Prompts for Tuesday

This week, I’ve posted inspiration finders:
Find the nearest post-it note and find word number 8. Apply the results to a minor conflict.
Find the closest piece of art to you and count 7 items to your right. Consider them as a group. Apply the results to an antagonist.

Spin around with your eyes closed then walk 9 steps. Find the closest item to you. Apply the results to an ally of the protagonist.

Turn on the TV, hit channel down 1 times, and listen for a couple of minutes to whatever’s on. Apply the results to a description of a character.

Look at your calendar. Count 7 items starting from the first of the month. Apply the results to a future event.

Go to a random article on wikipedia. Apply the results to a meal.

Go to your facebook page and count down 9 wall posts. Apply the results to a plant.

Look at your buddy list. Go to the username 10 from the bottom. Apply the results to the current story arc.

Go to wherever you track your spending. Find the purchase 3 down from the top of the most recent list. Apply the results to a shiny thing.

Go to a random article on Wikipedia and find paragraph 8. Apply the results to an unresolved plot thread.

Look to your right. Find the thing 8 items away from you. Apply the results to a dream.

Find one of your open chat windows, and scroll up 5 lines. Apply the results to a plot twist.

Find the closest piece of art to you and count 3 items to your right. Consider them as a group. Apply the results to a description of a character.

Find the nearest post-it note and find word number 6. Apply the results to a journey.

Turn on the TV, hit channel up 5 times, and listen for a couple of minutes to whatever’s on. Apply the results to a protagonist.

Happily Ever After?!

Let’s do an activity!

Don’t you love those Disney princess movies? They’re so cute and it proves that girls who struggle can make it in the world.

Except… It’s not the real world. Doesn’t it all just seem a little unrealistic?

That’s where you come in. Write paragraph or so about what happened after the Disney movies like Cinderella and Beauty And The Beast.

An example:


Unfortunately, after Cinderella married the charming prince in her beautiful glass slippers once more, her heels shattered and she cut her dainty foot on the glass.

“Oh no! My beautiful shoes!” Cinderella exclaimed. “Ouch, my foot hurts!”

The prince, sitting next to her in the carriage, tried to move the glass out of the way and examine her foot, but his hand was cut also. Ouch! It was a terrible mess, and on their wedding day!

Get the idea? 😛

Have fun, guys! ❤

One Sentence To Spark You #1

This is what I’m going to do a few times a week: just a sentence that you should elaborate on. It’s like @Hostine ‘s picture stories, except I have sentences to spark your imagination!

Okay, ready?

Here’s the sentence.

I thundered down the track, my legs stretching out and my arms flailing behind me and my coach yelling, “Go! Go!”

Why don’t you post in the comments your short story, or make a Storybird about it?

Have fun!