We Storybirders are so cool; we’re fighting the Potato Apocalypse!

I just reread @firstredhead’s Fighting the Potato Apocalype, and I HAD to write a blog post on YSBU after my line in Chapter 4:

Cherry’s mouth gaped open in awe as she viewed the approaching army dig and push beneath the earth.
“I know this is a really bad time,” she said, not removing her gaze. “But this is so going on the blog.”

In case you didn’t know, APTers (a term we use for members of A Pointless Task) are obsessed with potatoes, for some reason. FtPA is this super-potatorific longform book which has a star-studded cast of characters which consists of various Storybirders (not all could be mentioned in this blog post, unfortunately). The plot is face-paced, intriguing and just – amazing. Even if you don’t know those Storybirders, it’s a great read. Now, onto the post:

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“Buddy” by BlondieBallet – A Storybird Review

by BlondieBallet
Format: Picture Book
Age range:
Published: March 20, 2014
Artist: Inkymum

Buddy is a heartwarming story about a deaf girl who longs for a dog. It gives a very warm message about sacrificing things you love for someone else, and how little good deeds can make someone’s world colourful. The narrator, Melanie, whose father teaches at a school for the deaf, takes her dog, Buddy, with her as she waits for her father. She meets another girl, Jackie, who has hearing problems but communicates using sign language. Jackie likes her dog because it reminds her of one of her therapy dogs, and as she plays with Buddy, Melanie sees Jackie’s face light up and offers her to keep the dog.

Buddy is written in a beautiful manner, with matching pictures which complement the story perfectly. It gives loads of positive messages, and is recommended for readers 8+.