Oh Sweet Inspiration

It’s hard to write when you’re not inspired. But how does one “get inspired?”

For me, I like to take long nature hikes through the woods or down the beach. Other times, I go for a slow, luxurious bike ride. This is a great way to see the sights and just have some time to yourself. It’s a nice way to get some thinking done.

Reading is also a great way to find some inspiration. I prefer poetry, but non-fiction and novels are also a good resource. And never underestimate the power of a well-written memoir. Sometimes other people’s lives are exactly what we need to inspire our own.

So get out there and get inspired! 


It Builds Character!

Hello all! Poe here!

One of my favorite ways to start a story is with a character. I write a physical description, about their personality, and I write them a backstory. Its a fun and easy way to begin a story, and its especially helpful when you have writer’s block.  I will post an example later.





15 Writing Prompts for Tuesday – #2

Here are this week’s writing prompts to help get your creative juices flowing! 🙂

  1. Write for at least 300 words about a reconciliation, a nightmare, a turtle, and a musical instrument.
  2. Write for at least 1000 words about a conversation, a musician, and a fight. Focus on description that uses all five senses.
  3. Write for at least 500 words about a heroic deed, a deck of cards, and a circle.
  4. Write for at least 200 words about a contest, a businesswoman, and a journal. Focus on creating at least one compelling character.
  5. Write for at least 1 minute about a detour, a story, a scoundrel, and a journal.
  6. Write for at least 5 minutes about a coin, and a bottle.
  7. Write for at least 200 words about a ring, and a treasured heirloom.
  8. Write for at least 300 words about a dream, the stars, and a shell.
  9. Write for at least 15 minutes about a predator, and a window.
  10. Write for at least 250 words about a loss, a book, and a snake. Focus on writing from a different perspective than your usual one.
  11. Write for at least 5 minutes about an escape, a physician, and a box of chocolates.
  12. Write for at least 300 words about an announcement, a promotion, and a holiday.
  13. Write for at least 300 words about a machine, a stone, and a theatre.
  14. Write for at least 300 words about a bet, a leader, and a thief.
  15. Write for at least 1000 words about a legal problem, a bucket, and a child.


7 Sentence Story

Write a seven sentence short story about the hardship of war. There doesn’t have to be a storyline or a main character. Just write what you feel like. You can post your story in the comments. (Nothing too graphic)

As an example:

Smoke billowed in the air, covering all of the destruction. No one felt any pride knowing they were doing the noble thing. Voices yelled and howled, some in pain, but others of determination. The red coats of the enemy flashed through the haze in the ascending sun. They remembered longingly of their families at home, giving them fuel to continue fighting with vigor. Little did they know that their loyalty and determination was worth it, giving millions of people freedom. Their courage led to the birth of the United States of America.

Not the best writing, but it’s an example to get an idea of what you want to do. Remember, it can only be seven sentences.

What Does Storybird Mean to You? -#3

Here are this week’s absolutely awesome “What Storybird Means to Me”s! Thanks to everyone who submitted their thoughts. Seven quotes per post, from now on. Stay tuned for more next Monday!


leahatlc: Storybird is opportunities and it is creativity. Storybird is chances to improve and to socialize. It is a chance to be encouraged. No one is mean to you and there is a lot of artwork to use. There are a lot of good writers on Storybird. Storybird is cool and awesome!

figment68: Storybird is a safe, kind, unique, family friendly place to share our stories and poems using art from very talented artists. A place where people of all ages from all around the world can read, write, chat and become part of a large virtual family that never discriminates. Storybird has become my second home. I have come to know and care about so many people that I may never meet in person. Storybird means the world to me.

TheConfidentBallerina: Storybird is my life.

I used to be a close-minded writer, only writing one kind of way. Then, I discovered there is so much out there! I started writing poetry on SB, and I fell in love with the way I could put all my feelings into it.

Besides writing, I have gotten so much support here from my friends.

That’s right, FRIENDS! It may seem weird, but I’ve gotten to know many lovely people, and I know they’ll help me if I need it.

Storybird has taught me so much, I just can’t fit into words good enough.

WriteOn03: Storybird is a place where nobody judges me. Storybird means so much to me, in fact, I hope I never leave it. Yeah, other websites are fun, but later they backfire on me. Storybird has never done that, it also lets me do the thing I love. I love how it is so safe, how there are many amazing artists, and people of all ages, all wonderful! Good luck with your blog!

56heptathlon22: To me storybird is addictive, I go on every afternoon after school and hope to keep it that way for as long as I can. I’ve only been on for a few months(except for like, two or three years ago) but already on my student account(this one) I’ve done 47! On @Ludo_McBaggins I’ve done 13(only three passed moderation so far) + five poems(the maximum). To me, storybird IS potatoes.

doodlebugatlc: I love Story Bird,because it is a website where you can express your feelings by writing books. You can read other books to see what is in the inside of that person who wrote it because they express their feelings. But the most thing I love about Story Bird is that when you publish a book it’s like you are a famous author!