Hark, the Lark is near!

"Make and share art-inspired poetry."
“Make and share
art-inspired poetry.”

Today, on the Feedback Page, Sky[BluePurple] revealed some exciting news about Lark and the future of poetry on Storybird in reply to Gala[drielSkywalker]’s queries about the upcoming iOS poetry app:

SkyBluePurple: @GaladrielSkywalker I didn’t know the answers, so I asked the one and only @mark, and here is what he had to say:

(Spoiler alert ~ you are gonna be realllly excited about his answer!)

Free, unlimited poems, but iPhone (or iPod touch) only to start. On the phone, wifi or cellular, natch.

On the web app, the 5-poem restriction will be lifted and schools will be getting it for free, too.

I am SO excited! Lark will be a great new addition to the Storybird Family. What do you think?

And talking of features, try this poll:

Anyone Interested?

*This is now closed. For the moment, at least. All those who replied under this comment will be contacted on SB soon. Thanks.*

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