I’m Back!


I’m back! Yay!

But you may have forgotten that I existed which is totally legit. Anyway, I wanna talk about internet friends. I just read a book called This Star Won’t Go Out. You may have heard of it, its about Esther Earl. She had thyroid cancer and was a HUGE John Green fan. She ended up getting to meet him, and he dedicated TFIOS to her. Anyway, she wasn’t able to leave her house very much, so she developed this amazing community of online friends. Continue reading “I’m Back!”


Zines- What?

Hey everyone!

Mel here

I just finished reading this book called Hard Love, by Ellen Wittlinger. Its amazing, and you should all read it. Anyway, in it, the two main characters are authors of Zines. Zines are like mini, self-published magazines with original writing.

And I want to bring them back.

Just a quirk of mine, but I recommend you all look in to Ellen Wittlinger’s books and Zines.

❤ Mel

Finding Time

Hey guys

Mel here

And Poe.

Just a quick thing. I have recently taken a break from SB, and I barely ever post, but I think this is important. IF you love to write, PLEASE don’t take it out of your daily life. I did that, and I really can’t stay away. Don’t deprive yourself of something that frees your soul. If writing makes you happy, write.

❤ Mel

It Builds Character!

Hello all! Poe here!

One of my favorite ways to start a story is with a character. I write a physical description, about their personality, and I write them a backstory. Its a fun and easy way to begin a story, and its especially helpful when you have writer’s block.  I will post an example later.