Still Changing Lives


I found these on APT and I just had to share ❤

“I think it’s a beautiful thing that us Storybirders feel free to let go of all of our burdens here.

After doing so myself, reading Bittersweet, and many other books like it, I see the wonderful masterpiece we’ve created here. We’ve molded a place for the Storybirders after us to fall back on, just as the ones before us did. We are creating a place of love and peace; for some, the only place they feel safe.

And I think that’s beautiful.”


“Storybird is like a never-ending puzzle. Each member is a new piece, which just expands the beautiful picture.

But when someone leaves, they take their peace with them. We know what the picture looks like, and we’ll always remember them, but when they leave, we lose a piece of Storybird.”