One Sentence To Spark You #1

This is what I’m going to do a few times a week: just a sentence that you should elaborate on. It’s like @Hostine ‘s picture stories, except I have sentences to spark your imagination!

Okay, ready?

Here’s the sentence.

I thundered down the track, my legs stretching out and my arms flailing behind me and my coach yelling, “Go! Go!”

Why don’t you post in the comments your short story, or make a Storybird about it?

Have fun!


Wacky Wednesday: 1

Hello everybody! I’m going to start these “wacky wednesday” posts. These will be posts to simply get the gears in your head turning, a little like Hostine’s picture prompts.


You ready? Here’s post number 1:

You’ve gone back in time to the time of the pirates. If they discover you’re from the future, they’ll make you walk the plank. You must disguise yourself to fit in. Write about the first adventure you have as a pirate on the ship. You must use these words at least once:

Captain Gregory



lion tamer





hairless rodent


Have fun!