Quickwrite Ideas

Hi guys! Long time no see.

I know most of us are stuck in the middle of the school year, and believe me, I know how much that can stink. And I understand that you get busy. You want to write, but you just don’t have time.

Well, here are some quick writing exercises that will help you get your writing fill, but won’t take up too much time.

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Fall Break, Writing, And Vanilla Bean Frappuccinos

As I am typing this, I am in a hotel in Washington DC. After a day of waking up at three to catch a plane, and sightseeing, I just wanna relax!

But keep your mind working so you retain everything you need for school. Write!

Writing isn’t only for when you are at home, you can go on vacations and come up with awesome stuff.

So sip a Vanilla Bean Frappe at Starbucks (ahh, those are bæ) and writing and publish on SB whenever you have time!