Current Admins (as of July 23, 2014)

Hello guys!

We’ve got a lot of admins now, and I’m really very excited. 🙂 Here’s a complete list. We may be getting two-three more soon, but these are the current ones:

  1. cherry_blossom
  2. SkyBluePurple
  3. deepfried_freak
  4. Sweet_Pea
  5. hostine

=D I have a feeling Amazowriter and secondredhead may join, but these are all for now. 🙂 Welcome, all the new admins!


16 thoughts on “Current Admins (as of July 23, 2014)

  1. Hi, Amazowriter here. I do want to be an admin, and if it’s ok I still would like to join :-). Quick question, do I need a WordPress account? If I do, I’m on it!!!


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