Get your Storybirds Reviewed on YSBU

Interested in getting your Picture Book or Longform reviewed and featured on this blog? Submit the story below. Remember, they must be public and moderated. All submissions may not be reviewed (due to content, age range etc), but don’t let that hold you back from entering 😉

Note: Only moderated chapters in a longform at the time of submission will be reviewed.


13 thoughts on “Get your Storybirds Reviewed on YSBU

    1. Yup. I’d be more than happy if someone helped me with the reviews. I’m procrastinating a LOT here!
      As for being a teen book, that’s perfectly fine, as long as it is not inappropriate for younger audiences.

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    1. o.O
      I have no idea what…
      Maybe it’s because of your admin status (author)…
      Anyways, here’s a list of books to be reviewed. JUST a list; I’m not telling you to review em all xD

      Chapter Books—
      Believe by Live_Love_Laugh xD
      Cowardice by hostine
      The B.U.L.L.Y. Club by figment68
      A Reason for Flight by Lemone
      The Elements of Freedom by mojoco11
      Daisy by secondredhead

      Picture Books—
      Your Support by Eliza36
      The Trees that Cried Tears by aquastarchild

      So… yeah 🙂


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