About Storybird.com

Storybird is a good site, the most amazing writing platform ever invented. It’s a completely different world. But who better can describe Storybird than the masterminds behind it?

Here’s an excerpt from Storybird’s About:

Storybird lets anyone make visual stories in seconds. We curate artwork from illustrators and animators around the world and inspire writers of any age to turn those images into fresh stories.

It’s a simple idea that has attracted millions of writers, readers, and artists to our platform. Families and friends, teachers and students, and amateurs and professionals have created more than 5 million stories—making Storybird one of the world’s largest
storytelling communities.

And its FAQ:

Storybird is a visual storytelling community. A global hub of readers, writers, and artists of all ages.Our idea: let anyone make gorgeous, art-inspired stories in seconds.That simple idea has made us indispensable for millions of people. Teachers rely on us to get students from K-12 writing and reading. Families adore us for our constant stream of stories. And tweens and teens use us to connect with each other and express their angst.We’re one part educational platform, one part real-time publishing, and one part social network. And we’re 100% nifty.

Sounds good, yeah?

Here’s what Storybirders say:

Storybird, to me, is an escape. When the everyday terrors and troubles of life bring me down, I come to Storybird. It’s a place where I can write freely, without worry of judgement or criticism. Never have I once felt out of place. The community is wonderful. Everyone is so different that it’s easy to fit in. Whether you’re a new member or an old member revisiting, you’ll always feel so welcomed. And there are no age limits. This site is 100% family friendly. From ages 7 to 68, everyone feels right at home. With several different creative ways to share your writing, storybird offers so much. It’s the whole package in one small web address. www.storybird.com. A place to stow away all your secrets into trusting, caring hearts. A place to be. That’s what storybird is to me. And I hope it can be that for you, too. -deepfried_freak, Creative Partner

Storybird means getting to know people from around the world through reading and writing. It means using the internet in a whole new way. Storybird is also a great way to express yourself, and a great way to develop your writing style.-jellybean8

Storybird to me is a place where you can let your creativity and imagination run wild. It’s a place where you can discover amazing works from people the same age as you. It’s a place where you can discover other amazing people with the sane interest as you. It’s a place where you can truly express yourselves, without worrying about judgment. Storybird is just incredible -Lemone

Well to me it [Storybird] means to take you into another world that has lots of pictures. And that imagination is not just for little kids. Its for all of us! -_Infinity_

It means expressing yourself in ways that weren’t possible a few years ago, before this amazing website was created. jackiedoodle123

Curious what users and the SB Team say about Storybird? Their opinions are not so different from the others: about how absolutely awesome SB is!

For me, Storybird is home. It’s the feeling of belonging, of having a safe, well-lit place to create, share, make new friends, discover new worlds and just *be me.* -christina, Community Manager

Storybird means there will be a place where I (and anyone else) can share stories, real life experience, thoughts and ideas in a creative way. I can visit Storybird when I am feeling glum and be lifted up and inspired be beautiful artwork I could never create myself. As someone who is lucky enough to work for Storybird it means so much to me that I get to help create a digital world where people can share their feelings in a safe, friendly, creative environment for all ages. I wake up every morning happy to be a part of this team and enjoy doing my best to build new things for you all. Storybird lets me be myself at home and at work and that’s all a girl could really ask for 😀 THANKS STORYBIRD! -ash, iOS Engineer

Read more “What Storybird Means to Me”s here.



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      1. Heyy! It’s Cherry ^^

        Okay, so long story short, some SBer’s have a group chat on Google Hangouts. The first one was started back in June, the other more recently, we’ve got GG, Gala, Sel, RobotUnicorn11, Ecat, LJprivate, pandaactress, and loads of other people. If you have a Google+ , we can add you if you want!


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