My Journey

I originally posted this on APT 18 and the Feedback Page. I just felt like posting it on YSBU too 🙂

I’ve been on Storybird for over two years now, and it’s home. It’s family. It’s life, to be honest.
On October 27 2012 (my birthday), I was flipping through a children’s magazine, b0red. In the website reviews section, something caught my eye:

I decided to visit it, even though most websites they reviewed were too childish for me. I typed in the URL and pressed Enter, and I was taken to another world. Storybird was very different then from what it is now: there were no mentions, reposts, notifications, longform books, poetry, or anything of the sort. The layout was totally different from what it is now. Still, I found the website intriguing and made an account on it with the username, NancyBlake – a pseudonym I liked to use often.
And then, I started to read.

I think the first story I read was “There’s a new type of B.U.L.L.Y. in town” by @figment68. It was a featured book and I loved it. I wanted more.

Proceeding to exploring and joining clubs, which were “in” those days: I chose The Sweet Tooth Club by @ninjapenguin, and got the job of Chef. I was ecstatic and even changed my avvie to a picture of a cupcake with the words: “I ❤ The Sweet Tooth Club” written on it clumsily using Paint.

I then started to explore the art. There weren’t as many artists back in those days as there are now. I picked some art by @Arisun which looked cool and wrote a story to go with it: I published it, but I was just getting warmed up. Soon, I got some other art and wrote “Love you Mom!”, “The Chronicles of Dreamland”, “The bus to the plane” and “The Bobble World Diaries~Kemilio’s Diary”, all in one day. The comments and hearts made me feel giddy with excitement! My very first friends included figment68, Pasqueflower, mightyfighty2000, ninjapenguin and p14hjam.
I made my first club, The Mysterious Mystery Club, and from then on, I tried to publish at least one book daily.

Soon enough, I made more friends, read brilliant books, cried when Membership was introduced because I couldn’t get it, continued publishing more stories, changed my username to cherry_blossom, anticipated Blackbirds like crazy, loved some new features and hated others (however, I gradually grew to love all of them), celebrated when Blackbirds (longform books) were introduced, made a blog about Storybird, deleted it, joined APT, made my first longform (Autumn), had friends on my side during hard times (especially when my grandfather died), made another blog about Storybird (this one!) and told the SB team about it and interviewed them, told everyone else about it, got admins and followers, squealed with happiness when Fighting the Potato Apocalypse had me in it and I said something about “the blog” (, grew as a writer and as a person, and loved each one of you guys. And I still do.
Here I am today, with about 90 books, roughly 320 followers and above all, a place where I can just be me without the fear of being judged.

Storybird is now so much more to me than just a website. The above mentioned stuff are just SOME memorable things that happened to me. There is so much more. It would take me a long time to write down all the great memories.
I sometimes wonder what would’ve happened to my life if I hadn’t picked up that magazine. Where would I be now? I would probably be as depressed as – a life without potatoes, and friendless and hopeless and pretty much dead. I would still be that unsure little girl who stumbled over her words and wrote “Iv’e” instead of “I’ve”. I would be a teenager with no purpose in life and possibly no hope either. I would be nothing without all of you awesome Storybirders out there, who can beat my IRL friends any day.
And I just want to say thank you.


5 thoughts on “My Journey

      1. You know…
        We could bring it back. You don’t have to be Minister.
        But then, for some reason, I’ve found that I’m not very passionate about Harry Potter any more (even though I still love it!)
        Maybe I need to reread the series. It’s been a long time since I did that.

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