I’m Back!


I’m back! Yay!

But you may have forgotten that I existed which is totally legit. Anyway, I wanna talk about internet friends. I just read a book called This Star Won’t Go Out. You may have heard of it, its about Esther Earl. She had thyroid cancer and was a HUGE John Green fan. She ended up getting to meet him, and he dedicated TFIOS to her. Anyway, she wasn’t able to leave her house very much, so she developed this amazing community of online friends.

I feel that often, people disregard internet friendships, or pass them off as not as serious as “IRL friendships.” John Green pointed out that the internet gave Esther the ability to have connections when she couldn’t leave her bedroom.

Sadly, Esther died in 2010, but she was able to have amazing friends because of the internet.

It made me happy to have all you SB buddies.

❤ you all, Poe


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