“The Elements of Freedom” – A Storybird Review

The Elements of Freedom by mojoco11 - Chapter 1 - Storybird 2014-12-17 18-18-00Hi wonderful readers. Before we move on to a Storybird book review,  I would like to apologise for being so inactive and also for not being able to post all the review requests you guys sent us. You’ll see them soon. Enjoy this one, and tell us what you thought of the book!

The Elements of Freedom
by mojoco11
Format: Longform Book
Age range: Teen (13-19)
Artist: Alina Chau

The Sci-Fic/Adventure book revolves around Kim, an Aquarian – someone who can draw energy from water. Aquarians are victims of prejudice and discrimination, being at the bottom of Thalaxia’s social hierarchy which consists of Incendarians, who gain strength from fire, Aerolese, whose element is air, Terraris, who work with the Earth and Aquarians, the Water Tribe, at the end.

When Kim’s father is accused and taken away unjustly, she is determined to get him back. A kind Terrari family takes her in secretly, and one night she discovers an unbelievable secret hidden inside a bedtime story, The Boy Who Broke Barriers. Slowly, she begins to form a close relationship with the Pebbletons, who have four children: Adam, Winnie, Chad and Ryder.

One day, Adam and Kim find the son of a very high-up Aerolese who has run away from home. The two help him hide and provide him with food everyday. Eli, Adam and Kim become firm fiends, and soon, Kim realises that she has started gaining energy from the earth and air too. Along with her, Adam is getting energy from the air too, and the four Pebbleton children have begun getting energy whenever they touch water (Kim’s element). After some time, Eli, Kim and Adam put two and two together, and figure out the secret the Incendarians had been hiding for so long. They decide to do something about it, while also helping Kim’s dad escape.

This longform is currently on Chapter 34, which is probably about halfway through, though I can’t be sure. I cannot wait to see what Kim and her friends come up with!

The first chapter is more of a prologue, and a very good prologue, for that matter. It pulls you in and you just have to know what happens next. Each chapter is better than the last and it’s incredible how there isn’t a single dull moment. The writing is extremely professional – it doesn’t really sound like a teenager at all! If you’re looking for a good rebellion over the winter holidays, this one’s for you.

The Elements of Freedom is an extremely popular book on Storybird, and if you haven’t read it yet, you’re certainly missing out!


2 thoughts on ““The Elements of Freedom” – A Storybird Review

  1. Hey Cherry! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this, I really enjoyed reading it. Just one thing: Eli is Aerolese, and none of the characters can get energy from fire, but this was a great summary! You’re the best 🙂


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