The Official Storybird Day – Coming Soon

Guess what? We’re probably having a Storybird Day soon! 😀 *So exciting!*

Guinevere (@guinevere) was asked if this could be a thing, and you’ll never guess what she replied (or maybe you can):

This is such a fabulous idea! We definitely want to make it an Official Thing. With the holidays right around the corner, I would propose that we wait until January. That also gives us some time to work on the worldwide details. @SkyBluePurple is right… I loovvvveeee party planning!

Does anyone have any ideas on what we can do as normal community members?

Maybe we can pin the SB logo (or draw it on a piece of paper) onto our shirts. That’s all I’ve got. Share your ideas in the comments. You never know, they might become a Thing. x)


11 thoughts on “The Official Storybird Day – Coming Soon

  1. @cherry_blossom I like those ideas *points to your conversation with Deepy* but some people don’t like jewlery, and some schools don’t allow people to wear hats or caps inside, so we may have to think of something else. Like maybe it could be a free for all, where you could wear anything as long as it’s storybird related.


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