Quickwrite Ideas

Hi guys! Long time no see.

I know most of us are stuck in the middle of the school year, and believe me, I know how much that can stink. And I understand that you get busy. You want to write, but you just don’t have time.

Well, here are some quick writing exercises that will help you get your writing fill, but won’t take up too much time.

1. Write a six word story describing your day. Only six words. Try to make it as persise as possible.

2.  Come up with a list of intriguing movie titles. Then, pick two and come up with a plot for them.

3. Pick a letter. Then write down all the words you can think of that start with that letter. This is great for alliteration pieces.

4. Imagine you won $2,000 dollars. Make a list of the things you would buy.

5. Pick up a random book and turn to page 73. Read the first complete sentence on that page. Now, write a one page story, using that sentence as your starter.

6. Think of all the song titles you can and write them down. Rearrange the words into a poem.

7. Think of your favorite song. Write a paragraph about what you think the artist was feeling when he/she wrote it.

8. Go to dictionary.com and find the word of the day. Write a scenario and use that word as much as you can.

9. Write a fan fiction on one of your favorite book/movie characters.

10. Think of someone in your life who has done a lot for you and has really touched your life. Write them a think you note. Deliver the note to them in person.

Let’s get writing, friends!


6 thoughts on “Quickwrite Ideas

    1. Heyy! It’s Cherry ^^

      Okay, so long story short, some SBer’s have a group chat on Google Hangouts. The first one was started back in June, the other more recently, we’ve got GG, Gala, Sel, RobotUnicorn11, Ecat, LJprivate, pandaactress, and loads of other people. If you have a Google+ , we can add you if you want!


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