Description: The Key To Good Writing

I got inspiration from PoetOfTheTimes, who posted a post about this. I’d like to talk more about that. 🙂

I’ve always found imagining scenes and characters make it easier for the words to flow. When you have writer’s block, you can’t really think of the ideas.

When you’re looking at a character, imagine their looks first. I know it may be shallow, but that’s not the point. It sparks the ideas.

If Azelma is a raven-haired, brown-eyed girl with a curvy figure and button nose, with gorgeous china like skin, then it may be easier to come up with the character to that person. Like, maybe Azelma is snobby because she’s pretty. Or she’s very self-conscious, but everyone thinks she’s beautiful except her.

What you imagine fits into the story and opens new doors. The setting does too.

If Azelma is sitting with her best guy friend on a dock, next to the gleaming water and just setting sun, it might turn into a kiss, or a fight. The possibilities are endless. You see, description is a key to a million doors, that just keep flowing. If you have writer’s block, or just want to write better, start by writing a paragraph about a character, like so:

The squat girl with a stubby nose and tanned, oily skin never felt any lesser of herself. Her luscious brown locks seemed to make up for it, and her sparkling aquamarine blue eyes glimmered whenever she had a good idea. She loved herself, and that’s what made everyone love her.

See? It’s that simple. Now, you can just keep writing off of this main character! You might just be cooking up something great. ❤


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