What Storybird Means to Me – #4

I’m truly sorry that I’m late, so I decided to post this on a Wednesday instead on Monday this time. Anyway, here you go! Remember to keep sharing your views here. Thanks for the entries!


Hamida11: Storybird is like pizza. Take one bite and you love everything about it. xD

gabriellai: Storybird is a place where I can let my imaginations run wild, and share my creativity with others; where I can unleash my inner beauty. My creative, writing, self. Where I can show my real potential.
And I’ll always remember it.

Magnifique: Storybird, to me, is a platform where I can reveal the real me, where I can share my thoughts, where I can discover my potential, where I can unleash my imagination, where I can read some masterpieces by other authors and where I can get advice and new friends along the way! I love SB – it has become a part of me, and even though I am relatively new, I love it to bits and pieces.

SamiLovesYou: Let me tell you, before I discovered SB, I was a lonely grade 4 girl who got teased at for loving literature. My life was depressing. I would always read books to calm me down. My closest friends has made fun of me so hard that I fell into a mini phase of depression.
Somehow, my teacher showed me SB and my life changed.
I met awesome friends and people I consider as my family who’s supported me throughout my journey. They would miss me when I was gone and be glad when I was back. They were like, I met them IRL.
So yes, this is me. A going to be grade 6 girl who is more confident than ever, all because of storybird 🙂


3 thoughts on “What Storybird Means to Me – #4

  1. So I love Storybird so much. It helped me develop as a writer. People encouraged me, people gave me meaningful criticism that I then took on board. They were all so supportive of me and then were astronomically amazing when it came to the APT series, and it wasn’t me who made it successful, it was their attitude, their…asdfghjkl perfectness that helped me come so far. The community is really tight which is so lovely. No one worries about being judged about anything. And the thing is, the community is so tight, no one is ever forgotten. People that were last on Storybird maybe, 3 or 4 years ago are still talked about, still cherished. Storybird was a place where I could escape from school, and read different stories, making me more perceptive. I just love storybird so much. I’ve been on it for 4, nearly 5 years and I know I’m going to be on it for a much longer time. And it’s developed and evolved over the last few years into something so wonderful. Thank you so much Storybird, you have an amazing site and an amazing hearts. 🙂

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    1. Heyy! It’s Cherry ^^ How’ve you been?

      Okay, so long story short, some SBer’s have a group chat on Google Hangouts. The first one was started back in June, the other more recently, we’ve got GG, Gala, Sel, RobotUnicorn11, Ecat, LJprivate, pandaactress, and loads of other people. If you have a Google+ , we can add you if you want!


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