Books I Love

Please note, these are youth/young adult books. These books might not work for you, according to your taste or age.

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak: This is my all time favorite book. It is set in Germany in the days of World War ll. It is narrated by Death, who takes interest in a girl named Liesel. She is adopted by her new parents, Hans and Rosa, and befriends a boy named Rudy. Liesel learns to read and write when she steals a book from a man. When Liesel’s family hides a Jew from the officials, she learns from this Jew, named Max, the power of words, and the meaning of family and hope, which she didn’t understand before, due to her many hardships.

Out Of My Mind by Sharon M. Draper: Melody can’t write, talk, walk, feed herself, or even use the restroom herself. But she’s always loved words, and she’s a smart kid underneath the messy exterior. Melody tries out for a quiz team, and gets in, much to the dismay of bullies she hates. Melody, basically pulling the most weight of the group, leads her team to victory in the city finals. Her world is shattered when two things happen… Her team abandons her from going to Washington DC for the national contest. Also, her little sister is run over by a car. She is deathly afraid of her sister being messed up like her. This is a very very good book.

I hope you guys would like to read these books, which I found intriguing and very powerful. I will post more books as I find them!!


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