How I Got Into Reading🙊

Some of us were born readers. Our minds have been in books since a very young age

But some of us weren’t into reading for a while. But a single book changed EVERYTHING.

I’m a mixture of both. I always liked reading, but in fourth grade, I became a COMPLETE BOOK NERD. My nose was always planted in a book. Percy Jackson and the Olympians made the big change for me.

Comment below what book got you into reading!👇 Ily all⚓️


4 thoughts on “How I Got Into Reading🙊

  1. Reading was always a thing for me. For as long as I can remember I’ve been reading.

    Books are my escape. I love it when I crack open a new book, no idea what adventures lie or me in those pages. And then I slowly slip into the book, slowly lose track of reality and just get lost in another author’s mind.

    I went kinda laid back on my reading when I hit high school. Homework took my normal time, and I didn’t do much freewill reading. Most of the reading I did do was for school. Things like “Of Mice and Men,” “The Death Of A Salesmen,” etc. All wonderful reads, but not read willingly.

    I kinda lost track of reading, really. Until this summer, where I found it again. I had forgotten how wonderful it is to go to the library and check out large stacks of books and actually read them. I mean, I was always at the library, so I’d always have books checked out, but I never read them. I told myself I didn’t have the time.

    But I’m determined to keep reading through my senior year, despite how busy I’ll be. Books are amazing and I can’t wait to get lost in them again.


  2. I’ve always been reading. No one book inspired me, I just liked reading. I wish that I could say “one book dramatically changed my life” but I can’t. It just came naturally.

    Some people who hate reading say that there aren’t any good books. Somehow I always find really good books, and that inspires me to read more. People who find bad books are inspired to read less.


  3. I was always really into reading, I honestly can’t remember a time when I didn’t love it 🙂

    But the first books that I became uncontrollably obsessed with, was The Secrets Of Droon series. There are about 45 of them including spin off series, and I read, and reread every one of them in grade 1 🙂


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