Reaching Your Potential☺️

You most likely love to write if you’re reading this right now. But do you think you’ve reached your full potential?

I know I want to be as great of a writer as Deepy or Figgy. They write so smoothly, seemingly effortless. I feel like I’m truly inside the book, and I want my readers to feel the same. And I’m working on improving. Here’s some tips that have been helping me👇

1. I’ve been writing for a long time. I’ve also been reading for a while. There IS a correlation! Reading has helped me so much with my stories. Books seem to imprint “better author” on me. So a great way to improve writing is to READ!

2. Look up writing prompts. They help both improving and to get you out of a block. We have some on our blog, and there are some great ones you could look up on search engines too!

3. Always pay attention in English and literature classes! They really help! Even though I didn’t like my teacher last year, it still has caused me to improve.

4. Try to really make the reader feel like they’re inside the book. Practice using all 5 senses when you write. Even taste! Though it’s not very obvious; it is significant.

5. Keep writing! Quitting won’t get you anywhere! You’ll reach your goal one day!

Y’all are great authors and ily allll(:



One thought on “Reaching Your Potential☺️

  1. These are fantastic tips that I sometimes use myself. Paying attention in literature and English classes is especially important. I learned a lot of rhetoric in writing last year in my AP Language class. It’s really improved the way I write. Also, writing prompts are not only helpful, but fun! We used to do one every month at my old writer’s group, It was always fun to read what you could come up with and see how much it differed from everyone else. Most important thing on this list, however, is don’t give up. A lot of people get so frustrated when their writing doesn’t turn out as good as their favorite author or someone in their class. That doesn’t matter dudes! You can’t always be the best. What’s important is that you do your best and keep trying. You will improve, I’m living proof of that 😉

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