What does Storybird Mean to You? -#1

aquastarchild: Storybird is place where my worries are over, where I’m free to be me and nothing else
to share a special place with others
my world of imagination.

bowgirlKat:to me storybird is a place to share your thoughts. You can let your imagination go wild. Heck, you could bring the dinosaurs back. I first found storybird at school, but we got banned from it because some classmates were writing bad things about each other and using the comment section for a chatting spot, since it was private. So I went home and I made my own account, me bowgirlKat. Writing and writing, reading, commenting and hearting and following. And Yes storybird does mean no troubles, no meaning to be scared or worried, or being able to help peaople feeling down. It means more than that. It is family. The storybirds. And a family does things together. So together, we will lift our storybird wings, and fly of TOGETHER.
And I felt something I’ve never felt before and probably will never feel outside of storybird.
I felt free, free at last.

annahenderson: I was first introduced to Storybird 3 years ago by my teacher. I instantly fell in love with it. I LOVE to write. I saw Storybird as a wonderful environment. I’ve always dreamed of publicly sharing my stories and Storybird was a great way to do that. I love how I can receive feedback from other writers on the site. I even made some great new friends who like to write just as much as I do.

Another great aspect is that it is very safe. I don’t have to worry about impolite people or inappropriate stories. Also, all my personal information is kept secret. I like how real people moderate the stories and even the comments! Thirdly, the art is gorgeous. It brings the stories to life in a very unique way. I also really enjoy reading the stories of others, and how books of any genre can be published. Even if you don’t like to write, reading the stories is just as thrilling.

I’ve told many of my in-real-life friends about Storybird and they also ended up joining. I think everyone should know about it because there is something there for everyone. Readers, writers, teachers, artists, and even poets have a place. Since I’ve joined, I’ve definetly wrote a lot more and it has even improved my grades!

Storybird is one of my most frequent past-times! My life would never be the same without it!

Thanks everyone! I’ll be doing a weekly post like this! Keep your opinions comin’ in! 🙂



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